Sunday, July 24, 2016

Newsday TV Book, July 23-29, 1972.

This week's cover is by "Sudduth," but I've been unable to find any info on this artist. The drawing has something to do with sports. I'm really not much of an athletic supporter. Though I have been called worse. (Click on pics to enlarge.)
Timbulas, senior citizen soul songs, werewolf makeup, John Bartholemew Tucker and the Fickle Finger of Fate award are all topics in the TV Line this week. You know, if you buy cheap toilet paper, when you use it you're almost certainly going to poke through it--I call that the "fecal finger of fate." (That half-assed joke has been dormant in my head for many years. The FFoF Award just doesn't come up as often as it used to, so this was my only chance to employ it. You're welcome.)
Larry Storch is seen wailing on sax in the poorly-written close-up for Tuesday night's "Jerry Reed When You're Hot You're Hot Hour"--Whatever that means? Shatner fans have a tough choice come 9 o'clock...
This crease-spanning ad for WCBS news features almost-Cub Jim Jensen, football-sucking Earl Ubell, and Jerome Wilson interviewing a young Larry "Bud" Melman.
Thursday brings Bobby Darin stepping in for Dino, and he's seen here (without his toupee) playing Groucho. Some good John Cashman reviews on this night too.
Staff artist Gary Viskupic offers an odd little doodle for the College All-Star Football Game on Friday night, which was up against the pilots Bobby Jo and the Big Apple Good Time Band with Forrest Tucker,  My Sister Hank with Edgar Bergen and Jodie Foster, and Miss Stewart, Sir with Joanna Pettet.
Here's Saturday morning, mostly just for the hell of it, but also because it features the perennial Children's Film Festival favorite "Skinny and Fatty," referenced by David Sedaris in one of his short pieces.
Last but not least (the back cover is the same as last week's so we'll skip it), here's an installment of Suburban Dream: The perfect summer beach body! To quote top Republican political strategist Scott Baio: Wah wah wah!
See you next week for more old crap!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Newsday TV Book, July 16-22, 1972.

A bit late, but any Berry is good Berry!
Throw in a 21-year-old Cheryl Ladd and you've really got something.
Anyone know who the actress on the left is?

In this week's TV Line, the Clios (awards for commercials--yeah, really) are discussed, as well as the monkey/chimp controversy, Malcolm Muggeridge, and the fact that TV shows and commercials are... different. (Remember to click on the pic for enlarging.)
I'm not sure how nice it is to call someone a hayseed, even if you add "hero" after it. Anyway, this particular hoofing hayseed hero had a summer replacement series, The Ken Berry Wow Show. Wow.
Look everyone, it's... Great Outdoors' resident tennis expert Jack Rosenfeld and two other guys!
I wonder how Keith Moon got on with "The Sha Na Na Group?"
The David Steinberg Show premieres, and later Marcus Welby M.D. yuks it up with the Kopykats. In between those programs, Orson Welles and Spike Milligan each look deeply into Marty Feldman's eyes despite standing on either side of him. 
Here's your Saturday night line-up, with Jack Cassidy guesting on Mission: Impossible, some classic films (and other films maybe less so). Sometimes the reviews of the estimable John Cashman make us wonder... "cookie farm?"
At first I thought the back cover was too dull to include, but now that I look at it, there's some cool stuff among the "free" gifts, not the least of which is that snappy '72 Ford Maverick...

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Newsday TV Book, July 9-15, 1972.

This week's edition brings, at last, a Gary Viskupic color cover, with Walter Cronkite pensively anchoring the Democratic National Convention in Miami Beach. (Click on pics to super-size.)
In this week's TV Line, Carol Burton Terry fills us in on Gordon Barnes, Kevin Tighe, Sonny Curtis, key grips and Night Gallery paintings. My favorite is the first entry, with its terse, unpunctuated answer (which is due to the asker demanding a quick reply, but it also seems appropriate for the most staggeringly trivial question one can imagine)...
 Here's the network line-up for the Convention. I would vote for any one of these news anchors before Donald Rump.
Remember these things? Me either.

I wanted to add this Vaudeville-style program close-up (Pegleg Bates!), then figured I'd just offer the whole Wednesday night listings. Some great Cashman reviews there...

...and here's a Cashman review of Room Service from the following night.
Hey Eric Lawrence, wouldn't having confidence mean you'd skip
slapping a carpet sample on your head in the first place?

At last, the back cover, and what a beaut it is! The Colonial Shoppes offer this as a three-piece set, but for me it's that king-size gold-and-patchwork swivel rocker alone that's worth the price!

Monday, July 04, 2016

Newsday TV Book, July 2-8, 1972.

Yes, you eagle-eyed non-Paraders, I've picked up my 1972 Newsday TV Book overviews where I left off a mere four years ago. I've always wanted to start it up again and I recently thought to myself, "Lord, it's time!" Which brings us to this week's cover (click on pics to embiggen):

Jack Lord was born in Brooklyn but tells this issue's interviewer that he wouldn't care if he never saw the place again. "What's happened to New York shouldn't happen to a dog." Eh, who needs you, you poetry-spouting, flower-painting, butt-chinned haole...

Keeping Dick, replacing Hoss, carbon-dating Raquel, and just where the hell the fifty-first state came from: all topics on the minds of curious Long Islanders in this week's TV Line.

Look Everybody, it's... Morty Plesser! What a photogenic fella!

Here's a page showing the Tuesday night offerings, including a close-up for the ABC TV movie Sweet, Sweet Rachel (with a pic of Brenda Scott, who was once married to 70's TV fixture Andrew Prine).

Obscure Long Island Advertising Character: The Page & Co. Genie!

Friday night viewing: A Ruth Buzzi pilot, Robert Q. Lewis on Love, American Style, late-night horror flicks... it all sounds good to me!

An uncharacteristically cartoony drawing from Gary Viskupic accompanies this close-up spotlighting a telethon of Democrats dunning for McGovern.

Finally, this week's back cover is a P.C. Richard ad (there's one in Plainview) with a special on the "Carry-Cool," the world's lightest air conditioner! So light a groovy chick can tote it from room to room! And they've got a helpful illustration to aid in plugging it in!