Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Newsday TV Books, 1973 & 1983.

Here's the cover of the Christmas issue of Newsday's TV Book, 1973. Maude's Bill Macy (not Felicity Huffman's Bill Macy) schticks it up with a plaster snowman. Although born Wolf Martin Garber, Macy clearly has no gripe with donning a Santa hat and an extremely gentile sweater. On to a rare double edition of TV Line, with questions about favorite television personalities such as Ed McMahon, Michael Sarrazin, Leonard Whiting, Jack LaLanne, Susan Lucci and various Gibb brothers.
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Later Christmas issues featured season's greetings from celebrities and local performers, but this one has an unusual interview with Macy: His holiday wishes for his costars and their characters.
Here are the complete listings for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
As an added bonus, here's the feature on Joe Franklin. I don't know about you, but I miss having Joe on TV, even if it was nearly impossible to sit through an entire episode.
The 1983 issue continues the Disney cover tradition that began in the mid-seventies, with Mickey's family caroling with Scrooge McDuck.
The stars (and, ahem, lesser lights) wish Long Islanders well for the holidays. Here are the first few pages, with more to come...
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