Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Newsday TV Books, August 1974.

I've been trying to plow through the sleepy summer listings on the way to September (when all the new shows began), and at last I offer you August! Let the snoozing begin!
Due to popular demand, I've brought back the TV Line. (My sister asked.) There's some bad Marcus Welby M.D. poetry, and Carol Burton showing tremendous restraint in not telling a smart-alecky reader to piss off and leave the research to the professionals.
Here's that Jean Stapleton info you were wondering about.
Some less-than-inspired Viskupic art this week--still better than nothing--plus some great John Cashman reviews, natch.


 Here's a rare close-up on a movie airing in the wee hours. It was also thankfully rare to find blackface in these pages.
 Whoops, I misplaced Monday. Not only do I dig that Minnesota Fats pool table ad, but seeing a special notice about televised impeachment hearings gives me a tickly tingle of anticipation...
 Here's The Odd Couple... Well, geez, you knew that, right? I'll just shut up and let the pics do the talking.
 Here's Saturday morning, mostly for the Freeport Speedway ad.
The accompanying story about The Rookies was pretty dull so I axed it. If you're that desperate to see it, let me know. I'll read your message, intend to get right on it and immediately forget.
 Finally, this Lincoln special featured a giant rubber head with Hal Holbrook underneath it.
Burton throws some serious shade at Groucho in this TV Line. 
 That's it! I made it! I hardly wrote anything, but it's over with, and that's always the goal with summer. Now I'm on to covering September, with my usual witty insights and pertinent links and all that good shit. Have a great yesterday!