Friday, July 01, 2011

It's July: Do You Know Where Your Nostalgic Blogger is?

Yeah, I've been remiss. Or busy, if that makes it any better. Circumstances--i.e., my computer is at my bidness, not my dial-up-encumbered home in the boonies--make it difficult to find the time to really sit and obsess over my inconsequential postings like I typically do. Plus, Facebook makes it all-too-easy for me to just throw random musty ephemera up onto the web for my friends to see, instead of here for nostalgia victims to wistfully Google. Hopefully that'll change soon; with this three-day weekend and another week off later this month, I'm going to TRY to get something on here. Maybe the ABC Afterschool Specials piece I was working on (although, honestly, I lost interest as I was scanning eight-thousand TV Guide ads because I realized that maybe I wasn't quite the fan that I thought I was, having never heard of 90% of them), or something more personal involving the peculiar contents of the old notebooks, comics and papers that have somehow survived my many moves. If there are any requests, let me know. (First one to email me "FREE BIRD!" wins a punt up the pooter.)

Just because I feel a need to put something up here for ya, here's a scan from a 50's Portland Rose Parade program that I sold years ago. It's a bunch of gals in, I think, a big champagne glass. I've never had any reason to post it anywhere, but just couldn't bring myself to delete it, mainly because of that Winona Ryder-looking honey in the fore.