Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Cruelest Month.

Hey, just checking in so I don't skip an entire month in my bloggy archive. That would be terrible.

Let's see, early July, Donna's nephew Matt was here for a week, which was fun. We went to Astoria (fancy camping, Matt called it, as we take plenty of home comforts with us, like our portable TV--what, we should miss Wheel of Fortune just cuz we're on vacation?), downtown for a death metal show and the shanghai tunnel tour, out to Timberline, saw Transformers, and had a swell time.

His visit was overshadowed, however, by our cat Patrick getting out of the apartment and apparently hit by a car. Long story short, he spent a week in the hospital, and after a heartbreaking period where we thought he would be paralyzed or at least lose a leg, he's home and doing unbelievably well. He still staggers, and we have to keep him from jumping up on things, but he's walking better and better and getting back to his old cranky self. Hey, can you guess how much it costs to have a cat in the hospital for a week? D'oh!

Coming back from seeing him in the cat clinic one day, Donna and I were hit by a fully-loaded semi truck on the highway. Incredibly, our Ford truck (Ol' Yeller) just got two small dents and lots of scrapes, but no other damages, whereas the semi was tore the fuck up! So we're fine and waiting for a check. Whoo-hoo! (No, I haven't seen The Simpsons Movie yet, why do you ask?)

Then, a few days after that, someone tried to break into our apartment while I was out. Donna called 911 while yelling at the guy through the front door (which didn't deter him as he continued to pick the lock). As sheriff's deputies were responding, a cop pulled me over about two blocks away just as I was heading home. It was awfully confusing for him, that the complainant and I had the same last name, but we soon sorted it out and I got home to a very shaken Donna. The joint was crawling with po-lice, but to our knowledge nothing ever came of it. We told the apartment manager about the incident, and pointed out all the security lights that are burned out around the complex, creating dark, unsafe areas. He was very concerned, so we trust that these lights will be replaced some time in the next year or so.

Other than that, we're great. How's by you?