Sunday, February 24, 2008

Not a New Post, But an Incredible Simulation.

That was the tagline for Beatlemania, as I recall from the TV commercial. Oh, speaking of commercials, there's a new intro over at my other blog! Read my painfully over-analyzed descriptions of old tv ads, with some funny pictures and everything!

Oh, and I've changed my mind somewhat about Obama. I like him better now, though I still worry that he's too inexperienced for The Show. Best-case scenario: Clinton/Obama ticket, A.G. Edwards, Richardson on environment, Biden on foreign affairs, Kucinich wherever, Ron Paul goes the Nader route and splits the GOP vote election after election.

And to all you moron Dems who say that, if your pony doesn't get the nom, you'll "hold your nose" and vote McCain: If you have to hold your nose you goddamn babies, then do it and just vote Democrat, otherwise do us all a favor (especially our troops who will rot in Iraq indefinitely under McCain) and hold your breath altogether and die you fucking retards! I am fed up with hearing this imbecilic logic--have you forgotten what we've been through these last seven years, what we're still mired in for another year? That ain't gonna change unless we purge these Reptoids for once and for all. McCain has somehow (I guess through the "liberal media") gotten a rep for being a "maverick," even "too liberal." For Christ's sake, people, it's a fucking ruse! He's George Bush without the laughs! He has no problem with warrantless wiretapping! He was once tortured himself and gave up nothing, therefore he knows it's a worthless tactic--but he still backs the use of torture! Nothing will change with this guy!

Okay, this was supposed to be a tossed-off post pimping my other site, but it isn't anymore. I have spewed half-informed political rhetoric, employing obnoxious boldface emphasis and many, many exclamation points. Sorry. Now I may as well add that, if you get the Adam Carolla morning radio show in your area, you should be listening to it whenever possible because it's friggin' hilarious. No more Bonaduce, hooray! I am, however, annoyed that I will now be forced to watch Dancing with the Stars, as Carolla has been added to the line-up this season. Thanks, Aceman...