Sunday, July 10, 2016

Newsday TV Book, July 9-15, 1972.

This week's edition brings, at last, a Gary Viskupic color cover, with Walter Cronkite pensively anchoring the Democratic National Convention in Miami Beach. (Click on pics to super-size.)
In this week's TV Line, Carol Burton Terry fills us in on Gordon Barnes, Kevin Tighe, Sonny Curtis, key grips and Night Gallery paintings. My favorite is the first entry, with its terse, unpunctuated answer (which is due to the asker demanding a quick reply, but it also seems appropriate for the most staggeringly trivial question one can imagine)...
 Here's the network line-up for the Convention. I would vote for any one of these news anchors before Donald Rump.
Remember these things? Me either.

I wanted to add this Vaudeville-style program close-up (Pegleg Bates!), then figured I'd just offer the whole Wednesday night listings. Some great Cashman reviews there...

...and here's a Cashman review of Room Service from the following night.
Hey Eric Lawrence, wouldn't having confidence mean you'd skip
slapping a carpet sample on your head in the first place?

At last, the back cover, and what a beaut it is! The Colonial Shoppes offer this as a three-piece set, but for me it's that king-size gold-and-patchwork swivel rocker alone that's worth the price!


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