Monday, July 04, 2016

Newsday TV Book, July 2-8, 1972.

Yes, you eagle-eyed non-Paraders, I've picked up my 1972 Newsday TV Book overviews where I left off a mere four years ago. I've always wanted to start it up again and I recently thought to myself, "Lord, it's time!" Which brings us to this week's cover (click on pics to embiggen):

Jack Lord was born in Brooklyn but tells this issue's interviewer that he wouldn't care if he never saw the place again. "What's happened to New York shouldn't happen to a dog." Eh, who needs you, you poetry-spouting, flower-painting, butt-chinned haole...

Keeping Dick, replacing Hoss, carbon-dating Raquel, and just where the hell the fifty-first state came from: all topics on the minds of curious Long Islanders in this week's TV Line.

Look Everybody, it's... Morty Plesser! What a photogenic fella!

Here's a page showing the Tuesday night offerings, including a close-up for the ABC TV movie Sweet, Sweet Rachel (with a pic of Brenda Scott, who was once married to 70's TV fixture Andrew Prine).

Obscure Long Island Advertising Character: The Page & Co. Genie!

Friday night viewing: A Ruth Buzzi pilot, Robert Q. Lewis on Love, American Style, late-night horror flicks... it all sounds good to me!

An uncharacteristically cartoony drawing from Gary Viskupic accompanies this close-up spotlighting a telethon of Democrats dunning for McGovern.

Finally, this week's back cover is a P.C. Richard ad (there's one in Plainview) with a special on the "Carry-Cool," the world's lightest air conditioner! So light a groovy chick can tote it from room to room! And they've got a helpful illustration to aid in plugging it in!


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Where's that FRIDAY page "which was up against the pilots...My Sister Hank with Edgar Bergen and Jodie Foster"?

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