Sunday, August 07, 2016

Newsday TV Book, July 30-August 5, 1972.

This week's 1972 Newsday TV Book brings us a cover featuring Lucie Arnaz, striking a seductive footboard pose (which appears to confuse her too).
Inquisitive Long Islanders wonder where the heck Melba Tolliver is, what that guy in that commercial ate, why we have to see so much of that fucking douchebag Nixon, and what this limey fella Roger Moore might be up to in the future. (Click the pic for better legibility...)
Back to Lucie--er, Desiree, simply.
Here's a somewhat prosaic Viskupic drawing (for him) and decidedly tepid Cashman review for ABC's Sunday Night Movie showing of Morituri.
Here's a look at all the cool movies you unemployed night owls could have caught later that night, with more great Cashman takes. (I threw in the wonderful world of Spa for the hell of it.)
Jumping ahead to Friday evening, we have a close-up on that night's Love, American Style, to the consternation of Sally Struthers.
Saturday morning brings a presentation of NBC's Children's Theatre, with the terrific Sid Caesar narrating "Pets Allowed."
On the back cover, the Colonial Shoppes offers the exact same living room set they offered two months earlier, except 66 bucks more expensive now. I TOLD you to get it then! (Actually, I think it's a slightly different arrangement. Does it really matter? I mean, biscuit tufted backs and hand-matched patchwork at just about any price is pretty darn sweet.)


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