Thursday, July 21, 2016

Newsday TV Book, July 16-22, 1972.

A bit late, but any Berry is good Berry!
Throw in a 21-year-old Cheryl Ladd and you've really got something.
Anyone know who the actress on the left is?

In this week's TV Line, the Clios (awards for commercials--yeah, really) are discussed, as well as the monkey/chimp controversy, Malcolm Muggeridge, and the fact that TV shows and commercials are... different. (Remember to click on the pic for enlarging.)
I'm not sure how nice it is to call someone a hayseed, even if you add "hero" after it. Anyway, this particular hoofing hayseed hero had a summer replacement series, The Ken Berry Wow Show. Wow.
Look everyone, it's... Great Outdoors' resident tennis expert Jack Rosenfeld and two other guys!
I wonder how Keith Moon got on with "The Sha Na Na Group?"
The David Steinberg Show premieres, and later Marcus Welby M.D. yuks it up with the Kopykats. In between those programs, Orson Welles and Spike Milligan each look deeply into Marty Feldman's eyes despite standing on either side of him. 
Here's your Saturday night line-up, with Jack Cassidy guesting on Mission: Impossible, some classic films (and other films maybe less so). Sometimes the reviews of the estimable John Cashman make us wonder... "cookie farm?"
At first I thought the back cover was too dull to include, but now that I look at it, there's some cool stuff among the "free" gifts, not the least of which is that snappy '72 Ford Maverick...


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