Monday, May 14, 2012

Newsday TV Book, May 14-20, 1972.

Johnny Carson (remember that guy?) heads up this week's TV book.
What's up with Samantha's Dicks? How does Superman, uh, not get killed and stuff? Was the Enterprise chopped for parts? The answers to these and other stupid questions in this week's TV Line.
You expect me to write something snarky about Mister Rogers? Think again, pal. (That creep Mr. McFeely, on the other hand...)
Oh yeah, here's the Emmy noms. Match tastes with Marvin Kitman--if you dare!
Camp, huh? Let's see, I had a yard, a pool, a park at the end of the block, and didn't have to share a bedroom with twelve other filthy eight-year-old boys. Big pass on that one.
Suburban Dream: Steak!
Sure, I know what a geek is. It's someone who would stay in Friday night to watch "Nightmare Alley" at 1:15 AM based on a John Cashman review. In other words, me, if I had been born a decade or so earlier.
Discover it? I forged it, Slackajawea!
And on the back cover, the first of many fine Colonial Shoppe furniture sets we'll marvel at over the coming months...


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