Monday, May 07, 2012

Newsday TV Book, May 7-13, 1972.

A Tom Jones special lands him (and Jennifer O'Neill) on the cover of the TV Book this week, and the show, according to the accompanying article, gives the "Sultan of Squirm" the chance to "rub leather with Kirk Douglas." I hope that has something to do with riding horses.
The TV Line questions range from the sublime (Vince Guaraldi) to the not-so-sublime (the palpability of Hooterville, the availability of membership to WOR's Fritos Sportsclub, Chad Everett). Click for the bigger picture.
Here's the close-up on the Tom Jones London Bridge special, with a star-studded guest cast AND the Yankee Doodle Dandies. It sounds falling-down fantastic!
Obscure Long Island Advertising Character: Colonel Curry!

On the late-night chat shows that Friday, it's your choice of Falk or Salk.
Suburban Dream: The unisex haircut! (And a Bababooey to y'all!)
Here's Saturday night's listings, with that crossword solution for last week. What? You gave up when you couldn't get "Rupert Crosse?" Yeah, me too.
From Holiday Spa, a little somethin' for the ladies.
The back cover: Yeah--electric is so short it needs a stepladder to scratch its particles! Oh!


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