Monday, April 23, 2012

Newsday TV Book, April 23-29, 1972.

We begin the fourth week of April 1972 with one-third of the Partridge Family. (Remember, you can click on the pics to enlarge them, which would make David Cassidy almost life-size!)

A Yiddish phrase worth memorizing, the whereabouts of Jack Lescoulie, inchoate Nassau County cable, Little Ronny Howard and the Rifleman's rifle: topics on the minds of curious Long Islanders.

A car that fits your pocketbook! (And the only car I can ever remember thinking was cool.)

Celebrity Sighting: Esther Williams, all extruded.

 A coupla Ray Charleses, as envisioned by Gary Viskupic. Can you find the hidden bong? (Answer: It was in the bottom drawer of Gary's Newsday desk.)

Hey, Holiday Spa, some of have spent a lot of time cultivating "that soft-as-dough look!" 

Speaking of bongs... What's it gonna be, 70's stoners: Dr. Strangelove, Terror From the Year 5000, or sitting four inches from your portable Emerson to toggle between them?

The price tag is great, but the sportcoats are better!


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