Thursday, April 05, 2012

Newsday TV Book, April 9-15, 1972.

Since I've been neglecting this blog so disgracefully, I've decided to at least try to do a weekly Newsday TV book posting. My collection of the books begins with this one, featuring Oscar nominee Jane Fonda on the somewhat tattered cover. [Editor's musing from several years later, 8/16: I recently noticed that this issue, unlike all the others I have, does not have an answer for the previous week's crossword puzzle, leading me to believe that it is indeed the very first edition! That might also explain the condition--it's worse for wear because it's been the one sitting atop the TV Book pile for decades now. Well, it's resting snugly in plastic nowadays...]
Here's the TV Line Q&A column, with inquiring LI minds asking about Pete Duel, Jane Withers and Sandy Duncan, among others whose names you haven't heard in thirty years or so. (Click on pic to see it larger. In fact, I just noticed that you can now click twice to enlarge it again.)

How many of that year's nominated movies have you seen? Is it just me or is it rather strange
to see the smoker's toothpaste up for Best Actor?
Suburban Dream: Automatic irrigation!

Obscure Long Island Advertising Character: The Color King!

I myself was once... uh, communioned, but I don't recall the arm bowtie. Or being required to say "Charge it." Betcha anything I had Buster Browns, though.
Look Everybody, it's... Fred Gorman!

Rags and Toots, together at last!

Suburban Dream: A pool from Harrow's!

A late-night page, just to see what seventies stoners were watching that Friday...

And finally, the back cover. You may laugh, but I assure you I can rock a polymeric monk strap, my friend.


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Sinatra looks a lot like Archie Bunker in that pic.

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