Sunday, April 29, 2012

Newsday TV Book, April 30-May 6, 1972.

This week, 1972, "Mod Squad" hits the cover of the TV Book, including Long Island's own Peggy Lipton (from Lawrence).
TV Line is where goggle-eyed LI tube watchers write in with their questions, usually redefining the meaning of "trivial." Here, Carol Burton alleviates their sore puzzlers about such inane matters as "All in the Family" theme lyrics and whatever happened to Adam Cartwright. (Answer to that last one: he left the show eight years ago, you dolt.)

Speaking of trivia, here's a program inset for "The Dark Side," just in case you were wondering "What was NBC's first use of videotape for an on-location dramatic shoot in New York City?" If you weren't wondering that, never mind. I'm wondering if Phil Leeds was Jerry Ohrbach's inspiration for Lenny Briscoe.

Suburban Dream: Champagne wedding with 4-hour smorgasbord!

"No, Not My Child," insist delusional Nassau County parents regarding teen drug use, even when faced with the incontrovertible evidence of their bell-bottomed kid slouching inside a giant syringe. 

Check out the nutty AM radios at the bottom right. And in crazy colors--like white! Oh, you kids!

Obscure Long Island Advertising Character: The Macrose Beaver!

Holiday Spa serves up the cheesecake!

Suburban Dream: Beautiful-lawn-in-a-bag! (Although when it comes to your landscaping, I would think "friendly" and "frost" don't go together...)

Why did booze always look so good in these old ads? Oh, right... it's booze.

Just a little reminder that daytime TV always sucked. I do admit, however, that I have a real hankering to see a little of "The Rosey Grier Show" at the moment. As for the topic of "Galloping Gourmet," I think someone at Newsday sneezed into the typesetter.

Since the back cover ad is one I've already shown, I leave you with the crossword puzzle. Print it out and ask strangers on the bus for help with it. Good luck with the first clue--even I don't know that guy.


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