Monday, September 19, 2016

Newsday TV Book, September 17-23, 1972.

Sadly, it's been two weeks since the last post--that was the first of several gaps in my early collection, a sore point somewhat mitigated by the fact that I recently realized that the first issue I have (from April 9th 1972) appears to be the very first Newsday TV Book edition put out. Someone mentioned online that they once had the Mary Tyler Moore cover, and that it was one of the very first ones. Since that's the second in my collection, I thought maybe the one before it, with Jane Fonda on the cover, could be the first. Then it occurred to me that there's always an answer to the previous week's crossword puzzle, so I checked and lo and behold there is no such puzzle answer in that issue! I'm like the Nancy Drew of nostalgic nonsense!

Anyway, this week's cover features cuddly Sebastian Cabot and a googly-eyed skull touting Ghost Story. As Count Floyd would say, "Whoo! Scary!" (Click on pics to enlarge--if you dare!)
The Bill Kaufman interview covers Cabot's work in the short-lived horror anthology show (produced by William Castle), but it was his stint as "Pierre Sauvage," champeen wrestler of Belgium, that I enjoyed reading about the most.
In the TV Line this week: Mom remembers Jerome Thor, the difference between Gilbert O'Sullivan and Gilbert AND Sullivan, John Saxon's pretentious-sounding production company, the dazzlingly brilliant David Steinberg, and of course, never far from anyone's mind in the 70's, Paul Lynde.
Yul Brynner introduces himself and poorly-written ad copy for CBS' new Sunday night line-up. Tonight it includes Dick Van Dyke, Sandy Duncan and the real Popeye Doyle guesting on Mannix.
Here's a close-up on the new M*A*S*H show that went on to modest success.
Also on Sunday, Falk and Cassavetes together again, computery Kurt Russell, and Rikers rapping. You gotta love an ad that can't muster a single exclamation point of enthusiasm.
A stellar line-up graces this week's Wednesday showing of Search. I'm in for Milton Selzer alone!
Here's your Thursday night sched, with a close-up on Bobby Sherman doing a bit on The Mod Squad as a tycoon's son who joins a biker gang to rob his dad as a joke. Huh? (Whatever, as long as he doesn't sing.)
The Bradys hit Hawaii in the first of a classic three-parter. That's right, I've dubbed this corny pile of crap a classic, whaddaya gunna do about it? And not for nothing, but Greg, buddy, you can do better.
Friday night's programs were worth staying home for, especially with all the great appearances on Love, American Style by actors that Gilbert Gottfried will soon be interviewing for his podcast (many via Ouija board, once the still-living ones run out).
McQueen doesn't look all that cool in this pic, which means he's only about a thousand times cooler than the rest of us.
On Saturday night, we night owlets could read over some hilarious John Cashman reviews while deciding between Carson or Kup.
The back cover is the same stinking bank ad it's been for weeks, so here instead is the customary preview of next Sunday, printed in order to help "plan next weekend." This time out they even added a photo, in case you forgot what Jack Lemmon looks like. Thanks Newsday! See you next week!


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