Sunday, August 28, 2016

Newsday TV Book, August 27-September 2, 1972.

Sandy Duncan makes funny faces on this week's Newsday TV Book cover. Well, she made one funny face, then smiled, and then sat on an ice cube.
In the story, we learn that Sandy did not have her left eye removed due to her brain tumor, she just lost the vision in it. I always thought she had a glass eye. I also thought she was the spokeswoman for Triscuits, but checking out her Wikipedia page I learned it was actually Wheat Thins. Sandy, I hardly know ye. (But ye should know that you can click on the pictures to blow them up.)
Lots of interesting trivia in the TV Line: Is Kreskin authentic? Is Paul Sand a bit-part player? Who was that pipe-smoking homosexual? There's a Puerto Rican Bar Association? And just who is Tom Narz?
Earl Ubell plays with a balloon and is declared a genius. I play with a balloon and everyone looks at me funny until the bus driver asks me to leave. It's bullshit.
Carol Lynley donned her Billie Jean King glasses for Sunday's episode of The Bold Ones. Think how much time and ink Newsday could have saved by not bothering to tell us the character names in these descriptions. Did anyone ever say, "John Saxon is in this one... and look! He's playing Dr. Ted Stuart!"
Here are the daily Olympic schedules for the week. The Israeli team massacre would not occur until the morning of the 5th. Mark Spitz was the star of the week with seven gold medals. In the wake of the mass murder, however, the Jewish Spitz was asked to leave before the closing ceremony for his own safety.
Here's the rest of the events, plus a Barbizon ad in case you need help with wardrobe planning and personal grace. (If you have a wet basement, I'd suggest you address that problem first.)
The wet basement ad has the tagline, "Don't mop it, stop it!" That would also make a good slogan for this Enurtone dry bed training pitch. (I may have uploaded this pic before, but once more sure won't hurt.)
If watching ten short plays about pollution doesn't sound like a fun Friday evening at home, check out all the other swell movies and programs you can tune in instead, mostly after the evening news. I like reviewer John Cashman's caveat about how one's prejudice towards Danny Kaye would affect enjoyment of the 9 o'clock movie on WCBS. (And I like Dick Caveat too, haw haw!)
In lieu of a back cover, here's a little Holiday Spa cheesecake! Oocha-magoocha, I'm seein' spots!
Next week is the big Fall Preview issue--you Young Dr. Kildare fans won't want to miss it!


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