Thursday, May 31, 2012

Newsday TV Book, May 28-June 3, 1972.

Yeah, it's late. What can I say--I got my Memorial Day on! On this week's cover, we've got Redd Foxx and Demond Wilson (that's pronounced Dee-MAHN, according to the article, though he's probably not that picky about it these days).

Was Michael Landon ever a werewolf? Was Jill St. John a Ginger? How does one build a Brady Booth? Could there be a worse picture of Alice Cooper? All are answered in the TV Line.

Sorry this coupon is two days (and forty years) late. $1.07 in savings, not bad--that's like fifty bucks now!

Spaniture. Spaniture? Spaniture? Spaniture! Wait... Spaniture? Absurd! I do dig the "Cortez bust" (although I thought that was what brought down the Medellin Cartel).

How many Long Island mooks do you suppose hung around the Dover House cocktail lounge hoping for a shot at Pepper Anderson?

So wait, is this gal a Barbizon discovery or does she just look like one?

You're in denial, Charlie Brown.

Opryland USA kicks off with a special spotlighting those perennial country entertainers Danny Thomas, Carol Lawrence and Leslie Uggams. I just put it up here for the Gary Viskupic drawing of Johnny Cash.

And another Viskupic piece, this one on the topic of busing. It's definitely more typical of his use of ordinary images to evoke an unsettling eeriness.

And finally, Korrect Health Foods offers us a back cover that may be the worst ad layout I've ever seen. It does, however, give us the fantastic album title "The Escape from the Chemical Feast."


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