Monday, May 21, 2012

Newsday TV Book, May 21-27, 1972.

This week, Paul Newman's special women Nell Newman and Joanne Woodward appear on the cover to promote a nature show, "The Eagle and the Hawk."
A much better pic of Joanne from the article.
A somewhat timely TV Line, as a reader asks what became of "Dark Shadows." Answer: It wasn't popular so they canceled it. Also, a brief history of Sonny and Cher up to that point, and we learn that Marge Bergman of "Search for Tomorrow" was written out due to her death. Sounds like discrimination against the non-living to me.
News Flash! Nixon's in Moscow, and Mr. Blackwell's on "Mantrap!"
This ad for contact lenses is accentuated by a photo of a woman not wearing glasses.
Given dad's penchant for building ship models, this catalog had to be floating around my house somewhere... (Get it? Floating? Just a little nautical humor there.)
Commander Oil (you know, with the German Shepherd on top of the trucks) commanded that I not turn off that TV. I have ever since complied.
Add Louise Sorel of the "Don Rickles Show" to the legions of out-of-his-league TV wives. (Incidentally, septophiles, she was married to both the White Shadow and the big half of "Big John, Little John.")
Let's take a look at Wednesday night. "Night Gallery" gives us Marty Allen as Edgar Allan Poe. Quoth the raven: "Hello dere!"
Holiday Spa, ringing in girl-watching season! 
Slimsville 1972, as personified by Miss Duval, who may or may not be the young Edie Falco.


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