Friday, May 11, 2007

Fifty-Seven Years Ago Today...

...Paul Trent spotted "a strange thing like a very large lid of a dustbin" flying slowly over his farm near McMinnville, Oregon (about thirty-four miles from here). He described the silent saucer as 30 feet in diameter and shining like burnished silver. It stuck around for a few minutes and then went sailing off northwesterly over the skyline without smoke or vapor. He got a few snaps off before it did.

There was no mention of the anniversary in the Oregonian, other than an ad for the annual UFO Festival at McMenamin's Hotel Oregon (which is in McMinnville, natch). The festival's website has an interesting detailed write-up of the 1950 event (link in PDF format).

Of course, this isn't technically an anniversary, considering that all moments in time are occurring simultaneously. So if you happen to be in McMinnville near where the freaky flyer was seen, go outside right now and look up--it's still there!


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