Friday, May 04, 2007

Requiescat En Pace, Gerbillus.

Today (or, fair enough, tomorrow) would be a good day to remember all your past pets, wouldn’t it? Don’t they deserve a little fond reminiscing, especially if it’s been years or even decades since you last thought of them?

I’ve mentioned Brandy and Sloopy, the family beagles, elsewhere in my writings, so a quick here’s-to-ya for them. But I also had a succession of rodents as a boy, the first being a pair of gerbils I had in the first grade whom I named Felix and Oscar.

I can’t say I recall them that fondly, like “Oh, that Felix, he sure did hog the water bottle after a long workout on the wheel!” Mostly I remember the fuzzy little fuckers noisily clamoring to get out of their cage, which they often did no matter how many clips I secured their wire lid with. I even resorted to stacking school books on top of the cage, but still they found a way to squeeze their chubby asses up and out, invariably making their way into the closet.

I do remember well the many nights spent pulling toy after toy from that closet and at last scooping up the biting bastards. Then, at some point much later, my brothers and I would get a yen for a monotonous round of Monopoly or Payday, and I’d retrieve the game to find half the money chewed to shreds and a hundred tiny turds stuck to the board.

Yeh, I remember those gerbils well. Little fuckers.

No gerbils of your own to mourn? Go here and pay your rodentia respects.


Blogger Brian Kunath said...

This lovely post sure gave me "paws!"

Fri May 04, 09:05:00 AM 2007  
Blogger MO'SH said...

How about a tribute to Max? Such an inspiration!

Fri May 04, 05:08:00 PM 2007  

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