Monday, December 19, 2016

Newsday TV Book, December 17-23, 1972.

It's kind of a dull slog this time out I'm afraid. Even the cover, with Faye Dunaway and Richard Chamberlain as Mrs. Simpson and Edward VIII, is framed in a muted bluish-gray. The accompanying article is pretty boring too. When it says "Gun Moll to Socialite," they mean Faye's movie roles, not Wallis Warfield Simpson's life choices. (Click to enlarge, or don't.)
The TV Line has lots of info on The Waltons as well as Lucy's foot.

Fisher Sound Panels made a unique gift, in the sense that only one dope bought them.

I'm skipping Sunday because it's not very interesting other than Hawkeye writing his first Christmas letter to dad, M. Emmet Walsh on The Sandy Duncan Show, and Lucy Meets the Mustache with Ernie Kovacs. In fact, I'll be skipping several days this week. No wonder it seemed like forever getting to Christmas as a kid--there was nothing good on TV!

On Tuesday, NBC Reports reported on little Kristin Knapp. Unsuccessful efforts to find a current online presence for her hopefully reflect my inadequate searching abilities.

The center of this week's Book has advertisers' gift suggestions, with my favorite being the Hampton ad simply because it was in the Morton Village Shopping Center near my home. My only memories of that store are of going down the escalator (almost certainly my first) and being terrified to walk past an aquarium in the pet department that contained a lionfish. That thing looked dangerous!

Wednesday night had Stevie Wonder and Weekend Nun, which would be a great band name.

Since there's just not much going on, here's all of Saturday. I have the That Girl cartoon in my collection, with original commercials.

Tom Jones hosted David Frye for Christmas, and later Tennessee Ernie Ford took his chances with Claudine Longet.

You could stay up and enjoy the impending holiday with Godzilla or limbless Bela Lugosi. Oh, and here's the answer to the crossword I included last week, for any mental patients that bothered to take a whack at it.

Even the bonus bit is a snore: The Quick Guide listings for children's shows and specials. Wouldn't mind checking out Thursday's Poseidon Adventure premiere special, though...

Yawn. I'll wake you up when Santa leaves next week's Christmas edition! Now we're talkin'!


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