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Newsday TV Book, November 12-18, 1972.

It's mid-November and we're easin' into the season... I just put up some modest white lights on the porch and the wife and I have sorted through the gifts bought so far, and even wrapped a few with some holiday Carpenters and Andy Williams LP's spinning in the background. Just thought I'd mention this on a personal note--these early festivities are not really reflected in this week's TV Book (although I did notice that on Saturday afternoon WOR aired Mighty Joe Young, later to become a Thanksgiving Day staple on that channel).

The cover this time out features iron-jawed Colleen Dewhurst squinting into the gales of the Irish coast, portraying a fisherman's wife awaiting a storm in the Hallmark Hall of Fame production "The Hands of Cormac Joyce."
In the article, Dewhurst tells of the unique relationship she has with her double-ex, George C. Scott, her fear that son Campbell will become an actor, and hints that she might be up for slumming her way through an Airport sequel.
In the TV Line, a West Babylonian gal hovers near death pending info about Keith Partridge's hair, we learn The Rookies is made up, and fans of Cleavon Little, Greg Brady and a Hee Haw Honey get photos to swoon over.
On Sunday evening, it’s George C. himself yukking it up as part of some Neil Simon sketches in “The Trouble with People.” Joining him are James Coco, Gene Wilder, Doris Roberts and Mother Nature from those margarine commercials. In the listings, you had a Flip Wilson cartoon, Peanuts on ice, two chances to enjoy some Joseph Campanella, and bandleader Horace Heidt with surprise guests. (I hope it's not the rest of his family—I’m afraid of Heidts!) A number of tonight's shows were ratings winners, as evinced by the Nielsens described here.)
And here’s the remainder of Sunday night, with True Grit, a slave trade doc on WOR (?), and some sublime John Cashman reviews. I think I really need to look up Weekend of Terror
The Monday afternoon listings housed a close-up for that night, with Sam Fuller regular Gene Evans on Gunsmoke.  At just-shy-of-four, I remember enjoying the combo of Magic Garden and Galloping Gourmet. That funny drunk British chef would have slayed ‘em in the Chuckle Patch! The Joanne Carson Show, which had only been airing one day a week, was now on daily, I suppose thanks to guests the caliber of Peter Lupus. (Funny, I don’t recall ever seeing him on The Tonight Show after that…)
On Wednesday night, you could hang with Burt Bacharach and his special friends

…then, without even having to get up and change the channel, you’d enjoy some aggravation with Alan King!

Friday night gives up a close-up for this week’s cover story, Tony Geary on The Partridge Family, and a western with the Three Stooges (although it’s on channel 3, which, to my knowledge, didn’t actually exist).

There was a very early yuletide offering on that same night’s Love, American Style, with Ann Miller and her trademark black cotton candy hair in “Love and the Christmas Punch.” (And the Enurtone ad makes a third appearance in this here Newsday TV Book revival, just because.)

Not much else going on this week, so here are some ads that caught my eye... First, there’s finally “Help for Suburbia,” and its arrival is heralded by always-welcome clip art.

Next, Lobel’s offers a faux pony skin coat—who knew “luggage” was a color?

Nothing whets my appetite like knowing my holiday turkey was killed very recently.
Finally, this confused guy. I swear I’ve seen him in some low budget movie. While he’s deciding how to replace his hair, he should consider replacing that shirt.
 I don't know when Dr. Zira and Allan Carr hooked up, but they must be living the good life, managing that swanky cartoon condo...
Next week: Thanksgiving! Parades! A guide to all the upcoming holiday specials! Kris Kringle, Kong, and Wooden Soldiers! Chad Everett’s wife playing a nun!  I shoulda quit while I was ahead, huh? See ya then!


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