Saturday, September 24, 2016

Newsday TV Book, September 24-30, 1972.

Yul Brynner, a hot property on the fall 1972 schedule with his Anna and the King series, literally steps off this cover and into your living room! (And then you could see him with his shiny head and PJ's every Sunday night... for thirteen episodes. Wanh-wah.)
(Don't forget to click on the photos to enlarge...)
In the TV Line column, precursor to the innernets for investigation of useless information by asking stupid questions, we learn about the Clancy Brothers and their rocker arm assemblies, Phyllis Haynes, the words to the "Meet the Mets" tune, whether New York Net Rick Barry is sticking with Eyewitness News, and the true name of not-a-dentist Doc Severinsen.
For the cover story, Brian Tochi sports a pin cushion and Samantha Eggar looks hot (in that British, Bowie-teethed way). In the article, Yul seems nonchalant about the potential success of the series. His life will go on... so maybe he'll go back to the Sorbonne. Just kidding--Westworld will pay the bills better than dumb old philosophizing.
Like last week, NBC gives us an ad for Sunday night's offerings, this time including Vincent Price and Bill Bixby on Night Gallery, more Rikers Island hijinks, and MacMillan and "helper" Wife.
On Laugh-In, it appears Robert Conrad borrowed Cliff Robertson's rug to portray "Captain Amazing." Guest Bob Crane had less than six years to live, and even worse, less than six months until Superdad.
Your Monday night had blind Mia Farrow and a midnight conundrum: Karloff or Kramden?
Viskupic's Cos sure looks like he's up to something.
Here's a Banacek close-up with honey Joanna Pettet, plunked amidst the afternoon schedule. I want to watch everything listed there, right now. No, you're stoned!
Wednesday night served up some Ken Berry and a late-night showing of Sally and St. Anne, a movie I recently found on an 80's tape. Peculiar, but looking at the pouty Ann Blythe makes any old movie more enjoyable.
More Viskupic, this time splitting up Chaplin.
Both Oscar Madison and Keith Partridge became smitten with princesses on Friday night. Then they all got locked in a basement with their exact doubles and accidentally got drunk. Remember how that kind of thing happened all the time back in the day? All the time!
Lots of great old names to be found on this Saturday night, but maybe you young folks will know Kate Hudson's mom in the movie close-up...
...and perhaps even Rashida Jones' mom in the crossword puzzle.Though I doubt it.
Next week: A dandy back cover that's not a snoozefest bank ad! I swear!


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