Sunday, November 06, 2016

Newsday TV Book, November 5-11, 1972.

Hey kids! It's election week now just as it was election week then. The main difference is, back then, nobody went around crowing that they had just voted. Don't care, mon frere!
The cover features art by Tony Gentile and its accompanying story is about NBC's America series, written and narrated by Alastair Cooke (or as Archie Bunker called him, "Alice the cook").
"I hate monuments and statues," says the man pictured standing beneath Lady Liberty.
I think someone at the TV Book had a chubby for Laurence Luckinbill--this is the fourth time in as many months he's gotten a mention. Here it's a question about his Delphi Bureau pilot, plus queries about the WOR sports schedule, The Joanne Carson Show (?), Snuffleupagus, and Mel Brooks' Bic Banana commercial.
Sunday night's close-up shows Chuck Connors as a "supernatural" boxer on Night Gallery. Later, on Strollin' with Al Hirt, Al is joined by Dana Valery, whom I knew only from this Lenny's Clam Bar commercial.

The Monday night close-up shows Walter Matthau as he appeared in "Awake and Sing" by Clifford Odets. Richard the Third fans could take in two versions of Tower of London in one night--both with Vincent Price! (Although as best as I can tell, the later film is not a remake, as John Cashman states here.)
Here's what the local New York City stations were airing as the networks covered the elections...
...and here's what those networks had lined up for civic-minded viewers.
The ABC TV movie The Crooked Hearts aired on Wednesday night, and you can check out the promo here. Oh, what the hell, here's the whole damn movie (sans ads, alas) if you're so inclined.
Flip Wilson is not best remembered for Jiva Koolit, his guru character introduced on this Thursday night.
The Gary Viskupic drawing for Joe, WABC's Saturday Night Movie, is stark, simple and somehow still chilling, as his work so often tended to be. Lots of other great flicks this night, and Cashman's reaction to The Brain That Wouldn't Die is one of my favorites.
O, holy crap--it's the first Christmas ad of the season! And it's for Hicks, the Westbury nursery we visited every Yuletide and Halloween for their animatronic displays! Here they emphasize their "letter to Santa" gimmick. Good clean fun!
And finally I'll Zepel-treat you to another color back cover from Macy's. Is that a fondue pot on the floor? Those things were everywhere in the 70's!
Next week: Cover girl Colleen Dewhurst, ring-a-ding-ding! (Yeah, I know, even George C. never said that.)


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