Monday, November 28, 2016

Newsday TV Book, November 26-December 2, 1972.

We're heading into December, but it's a green field and flowers for Bridget and Bernie on this week's cover.
 David Birney talks about not being Jewish, riding All in the Family's coattails and vominous scripts in the accompanying story.
The TV Line addresses such crushing concerns as Bill Cosby's shirt, the whereabouts of Ben Murphy's nose, and Eyewitness News' Forgotten Dream.
Across from the TV Line is this eye-catching Christmas ad. I never visited Elwood's Storybook Caverns, but I do remember my family having that eminently flammable cardboard Yuletide Fireplace. I wish I could see the commercial mentioned.
Sunday brought Columbo, sure, but let's not ignore WNEW's showing of a Scoey Mitchell variety special with Buddy Hackett! With a repeat on Saturday! (I have found more than one online reference to this as "The Scoey Mitchlll [sic] Show." Go figure. In any case, I couldn't find video anywhere.)
The Smother Brothers appear on Monday's Bill Cosby Show, where Cos tells of an early sexual encounter. I'm hoping there was a sketch that had Foster Brooks as a mickey-slipping paramour who's even more out of it than his doped-up date!  Yinks! (There's also a listing for Muppet Musicians from Bremen, as seen in last's week's Holiday Specials Guide.)
Tuesday debuted a grim-sounding TV movie, but more interesting is the premiere of ABC's late-night offerings, Comedy News and A Bedtime Story. These would air several nights this week and next, then replaced by Dick Cavett's Carson-challenging talk show. Hard to believe the comedy stylings of Lawrence Pressman didn't invigorate retiring viewers.
I know what I'd be tuned to on this particular Wednesday--some Paul Lynde Show (with Charlotte Rae and Ray Walston) and then "The Man Who Came to Dinner" with Orson Welles, Marty Feldman and Don Knotts! (This New York Times reviewer didn't find it especially entertaining, however.)
This week's Gary Viskupic sketch is for a PBS performance of Oscar Wilde's Salome.
Suburban Dream: A boss sound system!
The third airing of Santa Claus is Coming to Town leads off Friday's prime-time, causing many to miss seeing Lamont Sanford almost bang his half-sister.
Late Saturday brings your choice of A-bomb flicks at midnight and a spate of snarky Cashman reviews.
Finally, we learn a lot about animator Richard Williams. His take on "A Christmas Carol" is very impressive indeed, but alas it was not the seasonal stalwart producers were hoping for.
Next week: Brace yourself for a Paul Lynde cover! Not an attractive man!
(You know what? I have a bunch of Christmas ads left over from last week's oversized T-Day issue, may as well throw them in here, where you can enjoy them briefly before heading to eBay to search "Mattel Dareplane Stunter.")


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