Saturday, December 03, 2016

Newsday TV Book, December 3-9, 1972.

Paul Lynde graces the cover of this issue of Newsday’s TV Book, with an equine grin that would make Gene Rayburn recoil. He’s joined by the mysterious Elizabeth Allen. Mysterious in the sense that I’ve never heard of her. (Don't forget to click pics to enlarge, though I recommend the faint of heart avoid this one.)

The accompanying piece has great details about Lynde’s life and career, too many to sum up here, but my favorite is that he ran lines with his houseboy and his young friends. I can’t help but picture Lynde nestled into a sofa among four Filipino boys in cut-off tank tops and gym shorts.
TV Line addresses Ronnie Graham’s “Mr. Dirt,” the whereabouts of Ed and Ali, what’s up with that Kwau Chang Caine dude, and “Phantom” movie reviewer John Cashman gives a smart-alecky reply to a reader who calls him on his smart-alecky review of The Magnificent Seven.

The late page for Sunday includes a close-up on The House Without a Christmas Tree, starring Jason Robards as a guy who just really doesn’t dig Christmas trees.

Monday night offered a Perry Como special coming after Frosty (which was preceded by the Grinch).

Madhouse 90, another late-night ABC comedy program, only aired Tuesday (as seen here) and Wednesday. Note Cashman’s description of Sheldon Leonard at 1:10.

The nighttime launch of Apollo XVII gets prime-time coverage, thankfully not interfering with The Paul Lynde Show and guest star JoAnne Worley. WOR channel nine cleverly scheduled a showing of Cape Canaveral Monsters for midnight.

Rubin’s Luggage offers gift ideas such as the “Knap-pak,” a backpack that looks like a flotation device, and those old movie star statues for the film geek in your life.

Suburban Dream: Not buying a piano in case the kid stinks!
The African Queen close-up features a pretty lousy drawing by “R.N.,” whoever that is.

Friday night gave us Rudolph, a rerun of our first look at the Walton clan, a litigious bum and child nudity.

Here are some holiday ads for Andrews (at Mid-Island Mall) and Lobel’s (in Plainview), plus Johnny Blits and Tony Dee want to tame your toupee.

 Plesser’s seems ahead of its time with their ad for microwave ovens and the Magnavox Odyssey videogame system. The rest of Saturday’s daytime schedule follows, which includes one of my favorites as a kid, Dr. Cyclops.

Two punny ads (“Specs” appeal! Christmas “shaping!” Get it?) finish off the issue, along with a back cover for County Federal Savings which is not that interesting but at least it has Santa.

Next Week: Carol Burnett upon a mattress!


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