Thursday, May 17, 2007


Dammit! I logged on four minutes to midnight to make my daily blog post, and just missed Wednesday by seconds. All I wanted to say was:

Jerry Falwell died Tuesday.

Good riddance to bad, bigoted, politics-of-hate rubbish. Bet he's taking a blistering pitchfork up the keister as I type, and thinking how reincarnation suddenly doesn't seem like such a wicked idea.

Too bad he couldn't stick around for the "end times." He once spoke about the rapture (or whatever the hell it is) and how the righteous would just vanish to their reward as they were driving cars or piloting planes and such, leaving their woeful heathen passengers to crash and burn.

I always imagined a different scenario: The Ultimate Culling of the Vile. Picture all the hypocritical, judgmental, condemning, avaricious scum who persist in making this life miserable for anyone not in lockstep, being sucked into the ground for their sentence in perdition. Unlike Falwell's gleefully sadistic vision, there would be no ill effects for those left behind. Just the limo drivers of yer various evangelists, politicians, CEO's, etc., looking into the rear view mirror at a pile of sulphur-reeking clothes on the back seat and murmuring to themselves, "Where'd that asshole go? Eh, who cares, I'm sure he was just gonna stiff me again anyway."

Read this to find out more about what a swell guy Falwell was, an article by Max Blumenthal of The Nation...


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