Saturday, May 26, 2007

Reality is Plural. (No They're Not!)

David Booth, an office manager in Cincinnati, described his nightmares as "like watching television." What he watched was a jetliner swerving and rolling in the sky, accompanied by the sound of failing engines, and then a horrifying crash. The same scenario haunted him for ten nights in a row.

On May 22th, 1979, he called the FAA, American Airlines, and a university psychiatrist. The FAA listened to the details of the dream and surmised that he was describing a DC-10. There was little else to taken from the dream, other than a feeling of dread.

That feeling could only have deepened when, four days later, an American Airlines DC-10 lost an engine seconds after take-off, dipping and rolling onto its lightened side, then hitting the ground and exploding.

All 271 aboard were killed, as were two on the ground; the cause was determined to be a single missing bolt. In retrospect, FAA investigators said, the dream did apparently describe the scene, Chicago's O'Hare International, but not closely enough. In addition to Booth's premonitions, Lindsay Wagner, TV's Bionic Woman, was scheduled to be on that flight, but canceled due to an uneasy feeling.

Booth has since gone on to create a fascinating website which spins a world-wide web of paranoid intrigue. He claims to have had another series of dreams (ten, natch) involving, as best as I can figure, a huge mass emerging in space which destroys the Earth. This was apparently supposed to occur a few years back. (No word on how that went.) His site doesn't offer much info on his current status--he is reported elsewhere as being "at death's door"--though there are many contributions by one "Sorcha Faal," a Russian scientist whose existence is in dispute among the curious folk populating this field. Some claim that Faal is actually Booth himself. The site is a wide-reaching conspiracy theorist's wet dream, linking every aspect of New World Order panic imaginable.

Here's some more "info" on Booth, courtesy another dippy website, this one by a woman who claims to be an emissary of the Zetas of Planet X. Another fella also takes Booth to task, although otherwise the information on their respective sites seems almost interchangeable. Take it all with a mine of salt (as if I had to tell you that)...


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