Sunday, August 07, 2016

Newsday TV Book, August 6-12, 1972.

On the cover of this week's TV Book (still only ten cents!), the Russian production of War and Peace is featured. Released in 1968, the six-hour epic ran on ABC over four nights.
Movie critic Joseph Gelmis gives W&P a rave, and artist Sudduth gives it a primitive drawing to go with the Friday night close-up.
The TV Line column: Long Islanders ask about the crap poetry of soap star Dick Shoberg, why Charlie Brown is such a putz, the marital status of Rashida Jones' mom, and somebody carrying something in a commercial. Carol Burton then sets the record straight on whale records, such as the one available at the Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum. (It was--and is--a LI maritime gallery which your very own Non-Parader visited in his youth, along with my dad and this guy, who, in the museum guest book section that asked where you learned of the museum, wrote "Bought a balloon." Now that's poetry.)
WCBS gives us a little bio of newsman Jim Jensen, a bit different from the one in the ad a few weeks ago...
The delightful Burgess Meredith graces Disney's Wonderful World, seeking the "Strange Monster of Strawberry Cove." I think it might be on his head.
On Thursday night, NBC presents Adventure Theater, which as far as I can tell is a repackaged 1964 episode of Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre called "Clash of Cymbals," starring Jack Klugman and the dynamite Laura Devon.
On Friday, Mike Douglas hosts hunky Jim Brolin, blast-phemous Rex Reed, tricky Sylvia Syms, activist priest Malcolm Boyd and organist/vacuum cleaner enthusiast Stan Kann.
Sorry, the County Federal Savings ad on the back cover is a real snooze this week, so that'll do it for this installment... Next week: Geraldine!


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