Monday, August 20, 2018

Newsday TV Books, June 1974.

Back at it and hoping to knock out some of these dull summer months in one shot! Time's a-wasting, so here's June! (Click the pics, they'll blow up real good!)
Nipsey Russell and Barbara Feldon host a limited-run show highlighting comedy from home and abroad. And what a broad she is!
Since I'm doing an abbreviated overview here, I'll mainly be including pages featuring Gary Viskupic's artwork. A typically unsettling Viskupic drawing goes with a CBS Reports special about famine (and the Monday late-night schedule with reviews by the incisive John Cashman).
The Anderson Tapes on Friday evening...
...and lastly, a neat back cover ad for Spa Health Resorts.
Next up, an unnamed actor is seen as General Yamashita in a Stanley Kramer-produced docudrama about the "Tiger of Malaya."
I'm only including the TV Line when it has a nugget of info that really piques my interest. This one mentions a recent TV production that had featured a rarely-seen Marx Brothers clip.
 For the late Tuesday page, Viskupic takes on the Tiger...
...and then, on Thursday, the Woolf.
Mid-June brought a mini-series about the Primal Man, with actors in heavy caveman make-up applications.
The story behind the scenes was even heavier: Thirty-one (!) members of the cast and crew were killed during filming.
Quite a bit of Visk this week: "The Amazon" late Sunday...
"Renoir" on Monday...
Women's specials on WNET channel 13 on Wednesday evening...
...and for Friday evening, an amusingly simple take on inflation.
The last week of the month brings the lovely Lee Meriwether. I'm not including her story, but I did find an interesting paragraph where she laments the apathy that eventually follows an American political crisis such as the McCarthy hearings, a "laziness" which she worried would inevitably leave the lessons of Watergate forgotten. Hmm. Lovely and prophetical!
This TV Line spotlights an odd moment in pop culture, when untold numbers of Americans clamored fruitlessly for the discontinued wallpaper seen in an Alpo dog food commercial.
Viskupic's buxom bunny-woman has appeared in this blog previously, but now here's the full page.
I'm limiting the ads, but this one for "All Method Working People Hair Center"--featuring a dead ringer for Morrie from Goodfellas--was too good to exclude. There's a little Monday morning sched for ya too.
Finally, Friday evening offers a freaky Visku-pic to go along with a poorly-written close-up for a Wide World Special about fantasy fulfillment. Naturally, the program features Peter Graves and Rodney Allen Rippy.


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