Monday, August 06, 2018

Newsday Rae.

I've neglected the Newsday TV Book posts of late, partly because I'm busy, but also the summer months tend to be a bit dry as far as interesting tidbits go. The news of Charlotte Rae's passing inspired me to dig out one of my later issues (1981) for a few scans, click to enlarge:
The accompanying article was written by Bill Kaufman, who tells us that Rae liked Fred Silverman, Westbury's Nancy McKeon enjoyed barking, and Kim Fields encouraged stalkers.
This is a summer issue, so like I said, there's not a ton of stuff I was stoked to put up here. You could try some of this trivia, I guess (good luck!)...
I won't make you turn your monitor upside-down--here are the answers...
Here's a page of ads: "Fun For Kids & Parties For All." Check out the lower right, "Eastern Onion Singing Telegrams." The Bellygram, the Macho Man, the Super Onion Man... Boy, I can't decide which I'd like to avoid the most!
Finally, no better way to close a week (or a blog post) than with a little Saturday night classic horror on channel 13.
I'd also like to mention that the "Fright Night" feature on WOR (channel 9) at 1am that morning was The Baby. It's really fucking weird.


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