Saturday, December 16, 2006

Making Out My 1980 List.

A few ads from the New York newspapers of this week, twenty-six years ago...

Getting that big IG-88 would have been cool. Of the large-size figures seen here, I only had R2-D2. When I moved from Long Island in 1990, I was throwing all the old stuff in my closet into boxes, some to be saved, the rest to be tossed. For the first time in years I picked up my old R2-D2, whose legs always fell off and head didn't click when it turned the way it was supposed to. I was about to chuck it away when I remembered that it had a secret compartment, and found the button to open it. Pressing it, the little door popped open, and inside were the two plastic discs it came with (presumably holding the Death Star plans and Leia's distress message), and from between them I plucked two tightly-folded, long-forgotten twenty dollar bills.

Everything went into the save box after that.

I never had the laser rifle--I got the equally-cool-if-not-way-cooler Han Solo pistol.

I think my brother Dave got the Super Jock Hockey guy. It wasn't long before the blade broke off. An earlier Christmas, Dave had gotten the Super Toe Football guy. His leg broke off. (Super Toe's, not Dave's.) Maybe we were tough on our toys, maybe they were just crap. Probably a combination.

I had Stretch Armstrong, but not the octopus, who seemed to me to be a ploy toward marketing stretch toys to girls. Too bad. It might have looked cool wrapped around IG-88.

Finally, for no special reason, here's the non compos mentis Eddie.

Oh, and check out my other blog to see the NY local TV listings for Christmas Eve 1977!


Blogger MO'SH said...

A truly desirable list! I think we had the Super Toe guy. I wish I had all those toys again. Why? Because I'm only a smidgen less cuckoo than you!

Sat Dec 16, 12:44:00 PM 2006  

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