Saturday, October 22, 2005

Saturday Morning!

I'll have to check what year this is from, but I'm sure someone out there can tell me...

Yes, I'm just chucking whatever crap I find in "my pictures" up onto my blog. What the hell else can I do with it? Write about my life? Where's the fun in that? Do you want to see my wedding pictures? I didn't think so. (Although there were some far-out space nuts at the reception, once the peach Jell-o shots kicked in...)


Anonymous Mentor said...

Yes, and there were plenty of scooby snacks there as well. Outside the tent. In the rain. And the mud. No Isis, though. Just an Amish chick up on a table. Shazam!

Sat Oct 22, 07:47:00 PM 2005  
Blogger psaur said...

Oh yeah, should I post the picture of her? Is that legal? I felt bad just taking it, but, hey, she really shouldn't have been dancing up there in the first place. (To others who may be reading this: my wedding was in Ohio, and there were many Amish there. Normally you'd think of them as staid and pious folk. Well, add a beer truck and play "Lady Marmalade" and you'll witness something else!)

Sat Oct 22, 08:22:00 PM 2005  

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