Sunday, March 25, 2007


Been angry yet today? No? Too busy watching AFV? Haha, yeah, that "Baby Loves Head Rub" should totally win. Anyway, maybe this will help ground you if you're feelin' groovy. Sorry. I have to do it.

It's a Salon article from two weeks ago (which I just heard about on a Randi Rhodes Show replay), about injured troops being redeployed to Iraq. You read that right--injured troops, ones with metal rods in their backs, who are heavily doped up on pain medications, who can barely walk due to degenerative spine and knee problems, who doze off suddenly in narcoleptic episodes, who have unaddressed psychiatric conditions, etc. etc.

The seventy-five soldiers from Fort Benning who were initially examined and classified as unfit for redeployment suddenly found themselves scheduled to go back. This was done without follow-up exams--that is, according to the soldiers themselves. A division surgeon who met with the 75 on February 15th says that they were given exams that day. The soldiers insist he just sat there, downplaying their problems and busily rewriting their profiles. Hmm, who to believe...

The army says these soldiers will be given cushy jobs, evidently not overly concerned that many of them can't wear Kevlar body armor or carry gear due to their injuries, or that at least one who depends on a breathing apparatus to stay alive may have no electricity to run it.

The soldiers, who I presume are the farthest thing from cowards, wouldn't give their names, fearing retribution. I guess they mean like the bullying revenge exacted on the whiners recovering at the Walter Reed VA hospital who have recently been made to fall in for middle-of-the-night inspections, which had never happened before the whistle-blowing about the shameful conditions there.

Now I'm reading that the redeployment of severely injured troops is nothing new. I guess the fear of our own Commander-in-Chief is greater than the fear of the "turists." When the hell are they gonna impeach this lunatic already? How many more innocent Americans and Iraqis does he have to kill?
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Yeah, he's a real cunt.

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